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 Posted: Sun Mar 27th, 2016 12:24 am
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Continue with Cincinnati 1959.

April 25,1959
Cincinnati Gardens
A- 8127

Bruiser & Angelo Poffo beat Wilbur Snyder & Yukon Eric
Bob Ellis beat Hans Hermann by DQ
Ray Gunkel beat Martino Angelo
Shirley Strimple drew Penny Banner
Tiny Tim & Bill the Kid beat Tom Thumb & Fuzzy Cupid

May 21,1959
Cincinnati Gardens
A 4357

Wilbur Snyder beat Angelo Poffo by DQ
Hans Hermann beat Bob Ellis
Bronco Lubich beat Johnny Weaver
Bill Miller beat Emile Dupree
Gino Angelo beat Howard Martin

May 30, 1959
Cincinnati Gardens

Verne Gagne & Wilbur Snyder DDQ Angelo Poffo & Bronko Lubich
Haystacks Calhoun beat The Volkoffs in a handicap match
Pat O'Connor drew Bill Miller
June Byers beat Penny Banner
Bobby Managoff beat Hans Hermann by DQ
Johnny Weaver beat Jack Terry

August 1, 1959
Cincinnati Gardens

Mitsu Arakawa beat Wilbur Snyder 2-1
Bob Ellis & Verne Gagne vs Angelo Poffo & Bronko Lubich
Don Eagle vs Hans Hermann
3 more matches

August 15, 1959
Cincinnati Gardens

Wilbur Snyder beat Mitsu Ararkawa 2-1 3rd fall by DQ
Angelo Poffo beat Bob Ellis
Hans Hermann beat Doug Lindzey (Gilbert)
Bronko Lubich beat Mario Milano