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 Posted: Mon Apr 11th, 2016 11:48 am
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Papa Voo wrote: What came first The Putski or The Igor? 
Did he ever leave Detroit area?

G'day Papa Voo,

The Mighty Igor Vodik debuted in the late 1950s under his real name of Dick Garza. Ivan Putski debuted in the late 1960s under his real name of Joe Bednarski.

Garza began his career in Ohio before wrestling in his native Michigan. Garza & Eric Rommel (aka Eric Froelich) won the WWA International Television Tag Team Title in 1962 in California, which appears to be his biggest championship win to that date. Garza continued to work in California in 1963 before wrestling in Canada in late '63.

In 1964 Garza used the name Johnny Bruce in Georgia but by mid year he returned to Michigan under his real name.

Around October '64 Garza worked in the AWA where apparently Verne Gagne gave him the Igor gimmick. As LarrySC stated, Vodik won the AWA World Title in 1965.

You also asked whether Putski portrayed a childish character early in his career. The first magazine photos of Bednarski (as Putski) that I saw were from the Tri State area circa 1971 where he was dressed as an Igor clone.  :)