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 Posted: Thu Oct 23rd, 2008 01:20 pm
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pjstef wrote: El Olympico wrote: Patera / Williams? Guess so, but I do remember Swede Hanson hurting Frankie Williams neck. 

I think it was a brainbuster or piledriver move. Williams had that way of shaking like a leaf no matter what the move was, so it took a bit of extra time to realize he was hurt. Frankie came to MSG to say Hi at that one show, and was introduced in his street clothes before a match.
Right. It was during the 9/79 MSG show that he came out in a neck brace. Vince told the audience that his injury was the result of a Swede Hansen piledriver.  I guess Vince got that out there knowing that Hansen was next in line to face Backlund at MSG and that they were trying to make some subtile buildup to the upcoming match.