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 Posted: Wed Apr 27th, 2016 08:48 pm
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We have received a lot of emails regarding WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair being allegedly arrested this morning at Logan Airport in Boston, MA following photos of Flair being tended to by TSA authorities and medical personnel began making the rounds on social media.

Flair was not arrested at any point, but was held off his morning flight.

We are told by one source that prior to the photos making the rounds, Flair slipped over his luggage at the gate and hit his head, which is why, according to the source, he was being checked out by medical personnel. We are also told that while Flair was not put under arrest, he was not allowed on his initial flight due to his condition.

There are other stories going around about his condition (and while I have no way to confirm them, I am sure these stories will not shock anyone who knows of Flair's penchant for being the "Nature Boy" on the road) and that his behavior at the airport led up to the entire situation.

I can however, confirm that at no point, was Flair taken into custody or arrested and that he is currently in the airport waiting for a later flight home to Atlanta, GA.

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