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 Posted: Tue Aug 16th, 2016 07:24 pm
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On Adonis's previous TNT appearance (maybe March or April 1986), he stands up and addresses the rumors by announcing: "yes, I AM GAY"... to a big chorus of boo's from the audience.

Jump forward 11 years and Goldust's "coming out" was looked at as a babyface move. Okay, so it was a tease, as Goldust really just "came out" as Dustin Runnels. I think they were trying to capitalize on all the hype of Ellen DeGeneres's "coming out" which was all over the media, at the time.

If they get hyper-sensitive, they'll also have to edit out some commentary on matches featuring Brutus Beefcake in 1985 and The Genius in 89-91.