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 Posted: Mon Sep 19th, 2016 04:42 pm
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DaNkinator wrote: I went last year. Thinking it was the last one and using that as motivation, even though a lot of guys that had been in previous years didn't attend. All throughout, it was said it was the last one, only to hear less than a month later that it would continue (this year). And of course, so many that I wanted to see while I was there, came out this year.

But, I still had a blast nonetheless. Meeting guys like Eadie, Cornette, Magnum TA, Ivan Koloff, Steamboat, Ole, Jim Ross, Jerry Brisco, Valiant, and Race were all major highlights. Hopefully, I'll make it out again next year.

Definitely not trying to be argumentative, but would like to correct a couple misconceptions in your first paragraph.
On the first night of the 2015 Fanfest, during the Thursday night Q&As, it was announced Fanfest was moving to Myrtle Beach for 2016 and that tickets were going on sale the following morning (Friday morning.)
The week of Thanksgiving 2015, 3 1/2 months later and after more than a few issues with the host Myrtle Beach hotel, we nixed the March 2016 Myrtle Beach Fanfest and decided to come back to Charlotte in August of this year.
And definitely not trying to be sarcastic, but I approach every year as if it were the last. If folks don't support it, it very well could be.
I'm glad you had a blast, and hope you can make it out again!