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 Posted: Sun Oct 9th, 2016 06:42 am
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srossi wrote: Donald Sterling was legitimately set-up, entrapped, and pretty much blackmailed in the privacy of his own home. Donald Trump is too stupid to realize when a mic is hot as he's roaming around a TV set with a reporter. HUGE DIFFERENCE.
Was he on a tv set and mic'd up?  The context that I saw on one clip was that he was on a bus with Billy Bush, pulling up to a set.  I don't know, but the conversation clearly was private and not intended to be broadcast.  Again, I'm not defending the nut, but I just think it's shitty to air private conversations to take someone down.  I cussed out a cabbie the other day that blew a stop sign when I was picking my kid up from school.  If that aired on CNN, I'm pretty sure I'd lose my job and be in jail right now :)

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