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 Posted: Mon Oct 10th, 2016 09:25 pm
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indikator wrote: Maher had Assange on a couple of months ago and got in his face about his favourism for Mother Russia and their interests in the US. At this moment I can't really blame anyone if they were to call Wikileaks a part of the "fifth column". The old anti-communism conservatives really seem to be in retirement homes or graveyards if almost nobody cares.
Maher's interview with Asange was disgraceful and shows what a complete Hillary shill he has become.  It's sad how so many media types don't want their favorites picked on.  Asange has released some really damaging stuff about Hillary, but the combination of Trump's leaks being more sensational and the MSM not covering it much has led to almost no one talking about it.  And it's not like Asange likes Trump either. 

As I said before though, the GOP went forward 100% with their candidate and get what they deserve.  Many other Republicans would really be making Hillary feel the heat right now, and instead Hillary has this locked up a month out like I can never remember in my lifetime before (even the Doukakis debacle had some intrigue later than this).

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