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 Posted: Wed Nov 2nd, 2016 10:50 pm
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Portalesman wrote: 1. Dont hire a Handy Man for anything over $7OO.

2. Make your contractor supply materials. You only cause yourself grief otherwise.

3. Agree on a finish date and stick to it. Add it to the contract.

4. Only bums and shady businesses need money down for jobs under 3OK. Its not your job to finance his business. Tell em to go to the bank.

5. Add performance draws to the contract. i.e. A payment can be madeinvoiced upon installation of windows, paint completion, etc.

6. Dont hire family or *people your wifes friend* knows.

7. Keep in mind and come to terms with the fact that you arent the only customer in the world and sometimes youll get fucked off for a couple days for somebody that screams louder. Your builder will be fucking somebody else off for a couple days because you screamed louder sometime.

8. If you feel you know more about it than your builder, do it yourself. Construction folk are like the food service industry. Fuck with em too much and theyll spit on your burger. They can and WILL charge above contract amount if you cause too much grief over something you saw on a Home Improvement TV show.

9. Either way, your wife is gonna cry. The wife ALWAYS knows more about it than her builder does. Mostly because they build brand new houses in 3O minutes on a TV show she saw, or pinterest. Also her friendsco workers will fuck with her about it and youll have to deal with the crazy. Leave the women out of it as much as you can. They arent built to deal with this kinda stress.

1O. Just because a builder was great last year, doesnt mean he is this year.

Rossi, youre not gonna get any money out of this guy. Chalk it up to experience and move on.

This should be pinned on the site somewhere, this is good stuff

he tries to come across as an humble "everyman" who has a great relationship with the fans while being one of the biggest navel-gazing, narcissistic, self-aggrandizing marks for himself in wrestling, which is saying something.