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 Posted: Thu Mar 16th, 2017 01:27 am
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More Snyder matches from internet sites.

Los Angeles, CA
East Side Arena
December 11, 1954

Wilbur Snyder vs Iron Mike DiBiase

Matoon, IL
May 2, 1973

Wilbur Snyder & Cowboy Bob Ellis beat Jim Valiant & Higo Hamaguchi
Moose Cholak beat Mitsu Arakawa Bull Bullinski beat Mark Manson

Richmond, IN
August 24, 1973

Wilbur Snyder, Pepper Gomez & Cowboy Bob Ellis
vs The Great Saki, Mitsu Arakawa & Jimmy Valiant

Moose Cholak vs Kenny Dillinger
Cowboy Parker vs Bull Bullinski

New Castle, IN
Oct 19, 1973

Wilbur Snyder, Cowboy Bob Ellis & Pepper Gomez
Bobby Heenan, The Beast & Jimmy Valiant

Moose Cholak DDQ Baron Von Rashcke
The Beast beat Jose Martinez

New Castle, IN
November 9, 1973

Wilbur Snyder & Bob Ellis vs Bobby Heenan & Jimmy Valiant
Moose Cholak vs Mitsu Arakawa
Great Saki vs Jose Martinez
Chico Garcia vs Clem Turner

Muncie, IN
Nov 21, 1973

Bob Ellis & Wilbur Snyder vs The Valiant Brothers
Baron Von Rashcke vs Bull Bullinski
Bobby Heenan vs Tom Lynch
midget match

New Castle, IN
Nov 23, 1973

Wilbur Snyder & Bob Ellis vs The Valiant Brothers
Luis Martinez vs The Great Saki
Cowboy parker vs Clem Turner
Tanya West vs Bobby Jo (womans match)

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