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 Posted: Fri Apr 14th, 2017 03:16 am
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Talk about a "random" test.

Not known for his power, Detroit Tigers center fielder Andrew Romine's grand slam against the Minnesota Twins on Wednesday immediately drew perhaps the wrong kind of attention.

Before he had a chance to let the first grand slam of his career even sink in, he was pulled aside after the game to take a drug test, Fox 2 Sports reported.

"Immediately when I walked in, it was 'you got a drug test,'" he said. "(I'm) a little light-headed. We took blood, so ..."

MLB drug tests are administered at random, making the timing very coincidental. That is, of course, unless certain events spurred the drug test into action.

That Romine was issued a blood test suggests it was to detect the presence of human growth hormone as urine tests are usually collected for other performance enhancing drugs. This was according to a story by Masslive's Christopher Smith. Romine's is one of the 500 random blood tests scheduled for the 2017 season.

It was Romine's first home run of the season. He finished the day 2-for-3, and raised his season batting average to .545. Typically used as a utility bat, his early success at the plate could get him into the lineup more regularly in the immediate future, especially with J.D. Martinez still recovering from his foot injury.