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 Posted: Tue Apr 25th, 2017 03:32 am
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Eric Thames' thunderous return to the major leagues has not been without its detractors.

The Milwaukee Brewers slugger leads the majors with eight home runs through his first 18 games after he combined to hit just 21 homers in 181 games during his first go-around in the league from 2011-12.

Thames' current success has led some around the league to question the transformation, with Chicago Cubs pitching coach Chris Bosio and right-hander John Lackey labeling Thames' recent run as "a head-scratcher."

While Thames didn't achieve early success in the majors, he did make a major impact playing in South Korea. He bashed 124 homers in 390 games during a three-year span in the KBO in which he reportedly never failed a drug test.

All foreign players in the KBO are tested at least once a year and are often tested several times, according to Daniel Kim of KBSN, who adds that Thames was tested several times while playing in the league and passed all of his tests.

Kim also reported that KBO tests are given at random without notice and that the testing is up to Olympic standards.

Thames is one of the first to acknowledge that his red-hot streak has been a surprise, and he never thought he'd be the talk of the majors.

"I was telling my hitting coach back home (in California), 'I have no idea what's going on,'" Thames said last week. "That's what happens when you're on a streak."