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 Posted: Wed May 3rd, 2017 03:57 am
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Jason Presley

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In this thread, I hope to cover all of Alabama during the 1930s.  As I began digging into the newspaper archives for these towns, initially just out of curiosity, I couldn't find that anyone else had explored this area.  I didn't know anything about it, but apparently neither did anyone else, really, so this would be a chance for everyone to learn about it at the same time.

In 1931, local American Legion posts were running shows in a handful of towns (mostly around Birmingham), each by a separate promoter.   There wasn't much coordination between towns, and promoters just seemed to grab whatever talent they could find, mixing local guys with slightly more established traveling wrestlers.  There were also a lot of mixed boxing/wrestling cards, as boxing was every bit as big as wrestling.  In some towns, boxing was bigger.  At least until the fans got tired of seeing the same faces over and over.

By 1931, Chris Jordan was on the downside of his in-ring career, having had tremendous success as a nationally known middleweight title holder and contender for some 23 years.  He had dabbled in promoting for the last 10 years or so around the country, both with athletic shows and straight wrestling shows.  He came to Alabama and set up a regular wrestling show in Jasper, and was wrestling on a few cards around Birmingham.  By the end of 1932, he had settled in Fairfield and was either actively promoting, or providing talent for local promoters to run regular shows in more than a dozen towns including Birmingham, Fairfield, Bessemer, Homewood, Tarrant City, Jasper, Tuscaloosa, Anniston, Decatur, Sheffield, Huntsville, Dothan, Montgomery and Mobile. 

Progress here will come in spurts.  I've got a pile of newspaper clippings for several towns from 1932-1940, but some towns (especially B'ham & farther south), I'm a bit thin on, so I'll be making a lot of trips to find the local papers.  I live in Huntsville, but fortunately the Samford University library has almost all of the state's newspaper archives in Birmingham, so I won't have to go all the way to Montgomery or Mobile.  Ultimately, I hope to assemble all of this into a book covering Chris Jordan's promoting career in Alabama, similar in format to results books published by Mark James and Scott Teal, interspersed with context for the shows and time period, photos, newspaper clippings, etc.  But I'm going to go ahead and post the show results as I complete them, just in case that book takes a few years to materialize.  That also means they won't be here strictly in order.

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