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Wrestling coverage dwindles even more in 1937 as the Weekly State Gazette covers only nine shows for the year. Hopefully I just missed some, and they can be found on subsequent passes through the archives.

Dyersburg, TN: Tuesday, 20 May 1937
From the Weekly State Gazette:
Believe Heart Attack Fatal
To Eddie Baker While
Fighting Welch
Eddie Baker, 35, Indianapolis wrestler who grappled in Dyersburg on a number of occasions while the sport prevailed here, died at Corinth, Miss., last Friday night while fighting with Roy Welch, formerly of this city.
Baker failed to rise from the canvas after he had been pinned by the Wildcat and when it was learned thta he was unconscious, a physician was summoned to the ring. It was found that Baker was dead.
The doctor said the grappler apparently died from a heart attack and not as a result of an injury suffered in the ring.
The remains were forwarded to Indianapolis for funeral services and burial.


Dyersburg, TN: Tuesday, 29 June 1937
• Joe Dillman beat Lee Meyers (2-1)
• Chief Little Wolf beat Bairam Bey via DQ
• Gus Wisbar drew Tony Marchinio

Dyersburg, TN: Tuesday, 6 July 1937
• Gus Kallio beat Johnny Stotes ()
• Joe Dillman beat Al Cadell (19:00, 2-1)
• Referee: Raul Lopez

Dyersburg, TN: Tuesday, 20 July 1937
• Tex Riley beat Johnny Stotes (2-1, 3rd fall DQ)
• Mildred Burke beat Fay Leigh (2-1)
• Referee: Moody Palmer
The show also featured two midget boxing matches. Burke was said to hold the "middle-weight title belt from the Middle Western association".

Dyersburg, TN: Tuesday, 27 July 1937
• Roy Welch beat Jimmie Nelson (2-1, 3rd fall DQ)
• Mildred Burke beat May Winston (Mae Weston?) (2-0)

Dyersburg, TN: Tuesday, 10 August 1937
• Johnny Stotes beat Tex Riley (2-1)
• Al Cadell beat Farmer Brown (2-1)

Dyersburg, TN: Tuesday, 17 August 1937
• Floyd "Red" Byrd beat Johnny Stotes (2-1, 3rd fall DQ)
• Farmer Brown beat Gus Wisbar (2-1)

Dyersburg, TN: Tuesday, 14 September 1937
• The Green Dragon beat Ed Williams (2-1)
• Roy Welch drew Chuck Powell (60:00 1-1)

Dyersburg, TN: Tuesday, 9 November 1937
An announcement was made in the Weekly State Gazette that winter wrestling would begin Tuesday night, November 16th, and that it would be located at the "recently rebuilt structure on East Court street, next door to Rhea-Alexander, with a double feature, it was announced Tuesday. The Veterans of Foreign Wars will continue as sponsors."

Dyersburg, TN: Tuesday, 16 November 1937
• The Bat vs Sid Markus
• Chuck Powell vs Tex Riley

Dyersburg, TN: Tuesday, 2 December 1937
• Najeeb Rabban beat Charles Sinkey via DQ when Sinkey was discovered using a lead weight in his shoe.
--Report from the 2 December 1937, Blytheville Courier News

Dyersburg, TN: Tuesday, 31 May 1938
(Myers Athletic Club)
• Jimmie Parker beat Bull Curry (2-1)
• Lon Chaney beat Roy Welch (2-1, 3rd fall UTC)

Dyersburg, TN: Tuesday, 14 June 1938
(Myers Athletic Club)
• World Middleweight Champion Gus Kallio beat Freddie Knichel (2-1)
• Mike Nazarian beat Johnny Marr

Dyersburg, TN: Tuesday, 28 June 1938
(Myers Athletic Club)
• Rex Mobley beat Joe Dillman (2-1)
• Sheik Mar-Allah beat Art Perkins

Dyersburg, TN: Tuesday, 5 July 1938
(Myers Athletic Club)
• Sheik Mar-Allah beat Tiger Long (2-1)
• Rex Mobley beat Bill Rush (2-1)

Dyersburg, TN: Tuesday, 26 July 1938
(Myers Athletic Club)
• Jerry Marcus beat Ray Meyers (2-1)
• Najeeb Rabban beat Ned Taylor (2-1)

Dyersburg, TN: Friday, 9 December 1938
(Myers Athletic Club)
• Boxing Match: Golden Glove champion Lloyd Montgomery vs Bill Canny
• Freddie Knichel vs Benny Bolt
• Herb Welch vs Charles Sinkey

Dyersburg, TN: Tuesday, 7 May 1940
• Lefty Williams beat Lee Meyers
• Jim Blackley beat Sailor Olsen
• Special Referee: Jess Willard
There was also a battle royal that likely involved all of the above wrestlers plus one unnamed.

Dyersburg, TN: Tuesday, 21 May 1940
• Roy Welch beat Charles Sinkey (2-1)
• Jack Pierce beat George Thomas (sub for Red Roberts)

Dyersburg, TN: Tuesday, 25 June 1940
• Tag Team Match: Red Roberts & Sailor Olsen beat Roy Welch & Herb Welch
• Herb Welch beat Sailor Olsen
• Roy Welch drew Red Roberts (30:00)
The Weekly State Gazette lists Joe Dillman as the promoter.

Dyersburg, TN: Tuesday, 4 July 1940
From the Weekly State Gazette:

New Has Been Received In
Dyersburg Of The Death Of
Ray Meyers

Ray Meyer [sic], wrestler, former resident of Dyersburg and mat program promoter here, died Friday afternoon of the last week in Mexico City, according to advice received here Sunday.
It is understood that the remains will be returned here for funeral services and burial, probably requiring about nine days for the body to reach Dyersburg.
Meyers came to Dyersburg a few years ago from Louisville, Kentucky and made his home here until a few months ago. While here he engaged in wrestling, and promoted wrestling matches for one season.
He was married to Mrs. Reba Arnett Wright, Dyersburg resident and stage actress, who was with him at the time of his death and will return here with the body.
In a telephone message from Mexico City Sunday Night to Joe Curry of J.W. Curry and Son, Dyersburg funeral directors, the body can not be released by the Mexican government, according to the country's laws, until Friday night when it will be shipped to Laredo, Texas. Arriving there Sunday night, the remains are expected in Dyersburg Tuesday of next week. Arrangements, with Curry and Son in charge, are incomplete.

NOTE: In the Courier-Journal obituary from Louisville, his real name was given as Raymond Sipes, a World War I veteran.  He is buried in Zachary Taylor National Cemetery in Louisville.

Dyersburg, TN: Tuesday, 9 July 1940
• Charles Sinkey beat Raul Lopez (2-1)
• Buck Lawson beat "Bone Crusher" Scott (2-0)
• Dewey Wood vs Dummy Paul Hester
Also reported in the Weekly State Gazette, Raul Lopez married Miss Orianna Smith, in Dyersburg, earlier in the day.

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