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 Posted: Thu Nov 16th, 2017 01:20 am
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I`ve got something for you to-day you might like. Countingthelights is a blog that nobody ever reads, yet it may have some of the finest writing I`ve ever seen. It hasn`t been uptated since 2015 but I just keep coming back. I think you may appreciate it:

You know how Ric Flair dropped the NWA World title to Jack Veneno in the Dominican Republic because he knew the crowd would riot if their guy lost? You get the idea that if Randy Orton goes to Kinshasa to defend against Super Angleouma, Vince will have a chicken sacrificing champion and wrestling will be banned in the U.S. for 100 years.

Sometimes, a match comes along that makes all the wrestling we watch worthwhile.This is not that match.“No one in the Orient Express is even really Asian!” yelled Noah.“Well, Virgil shouldn’t have to sell for a manager,” Sam replied.“Virgil is a manager, too. So he has to sell.” Noah fucking beat Sam with that.

8. Batten TwinsUp until last year I only thought these guys were bootleg macho man’s and worked for Kenny. Turns out they were in the Crocket Cup and I will admit had I known this fact back in the ‘90s I might have tried to be a little nicer but truth be told I still would hate them. My hate story was one at one DWF when these guys gave me a cassette tape to play their music. Granted tapes were still around but this was the time where people had actual CDs and you could burn your own on almost any computer for about $2 each. Anyways I put in the only side with a sticker and hit play. After about 3 minutes of them not coming out they both walked out together and came to my table like they were going to beat me up. They started screaming that I was playing the wrong song and that I was dead after the show. Well similar to Israel I don’t negotiate with terrorists or assholes so I did whatever any good DJ would do. I ejected their tape thru it in the ring at them and then turned off the mic so they would shut up and quit yelling at me. Ironically this was a deaf show so the music didn’t matter, but the hate lives on!