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 Posted: Fri Oct 19th, 2007 08:33 pm
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lobo316 wrote: How many managers can handle working for the Steinbrenners ?
It's time for Bobby V to return to the major leagues.

Fuck that cunt.  I lost all respect for him when he didn't play Tony Gwynn in the All-Star Game.  This was at a time when the fucking game didn't count for anything.  Gwynn was added to the team as a MLB legend, or some shit, and Valentine doesn't play him.  Then he makes some bullshit claim that he didn't know he was allowed to put him in the game.  When the A.L. put Kirby Puckett (The A.L. Legend) in the game that didn't tip you off?


What a fuckin' cunt.

May I offer you some salt and vinegar chips?