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 Posted: Fri Jan 19th, 2018 06:35 pm
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It's really amazing how many Facebook posts I read under these sexual harassment stories of young men just basically saying, "I don't date, I'll never meet a woman, I don't want these headaches."  And it's easy to say this is anecdotal evidence and the bullshit spewings of anonymous and bitter Internet posters, but all the data on millennials seem to bear this out.  I'm always reading research that says millenials really don't date, they don't go out at the same rate of any other generation, they don't have sex, they don't have social lives.  They sit at (their parents') home and watch Netflix and their sex lives consist of jerking off a lot to interactive "porn" like webcam girls or Snapchat nude pics.  It's amazing that I'm now old enough to say, "BACK IN MY DAY...we just jerked off to Asian chicks playing with their pussies and then we went out and got laid."  Nowadays, the entire sexual experience can be online and is interactive and consists mostly of sexting, Snapchatting, camming, etc. with random strangers with no expectation to ever meet.  This cannot be a healthy trend and I can't imagine where we're going to be in 20-30 years.  I've never ever thought that watching porn was unhealthy (in moderation of course), but I do think that entire sexual relationships based online with no physical interaction can be extremely unhealthy.  I guess at least maybe we'll have a population reduction in this country.  In the meantime, we have this pesky "child porn" problem now because with everyone sexting, including high school kids, there's nude pics of everyone out there, so instead of having to deal with sexual abuse charges you just have to worry about having a nude pic of a 16-year old on your phone because of antiquated laws.  Absolutely all of this is a mess.     

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