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 Posted: Sun Apr 15th, 2018 09:13 pm
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1/26/1951 Bath Maine
Tiger Tasker beat Guy Ross
Chuck Montana beat Polo Cordova
Tom Steel draw Clyde Steeves

3/5/1951 Lowell MA
Rocky Baron beat Miguel Torres
Dom Papaleo draw Tiger Tasker
Mario DeSousa beat Rebel Russell

3/26/1951 Lowell MA
Manuel Cortez vs Tiny Mills
Black Panther vs Rebel Russell
Miguel Torres vs Tom Steel

5/21/1951 Portland ME
Bibber McCoy vs Miguel Torres
Frank James vs Dom Papaleo

9/15/1951 Pittsfield MA
Black Panther & Steve Karas vs Tiger Tasker & Hal Keane
Tom Casey vs Dom Papaleo
Lord Blears vs Manuel Cortez

10/31/1951 Lowell MA
Bull Curry vs Chuck Montana
Tony Angelo vs Tom Steel
Kit Fox vs Tom Casey