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 Posted: Fri Apr 20th, 2018 02:51 pm
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2/22/1951 Fitchburg MA
Black Panther draw Chuck Montana
Tom Steel beat Slim Zimbleman

3/26/1951 Lowell MA
Manuel Cortez beat Tiny Mills
Black Panther draw Rebel Russell
Tom Casey beat Miguel Torres DQ

3/31/1951 Leominster MA
Benito Gardini vs Les Ryan
Black Panther vs Bibber McCoy
Tom Casey vs Charlie Diamond

4/2/1951 Portland ME
Manuel Cortez beat John Kostas
Chuck Montana vs Cement O'Neil

4/9/1951 Portland Maine
Yvon Robert draw Manuel Cortez
Chuck Montana vs Black Panther
Dom Papaleo vs Frank James

5/14/1961 Portland Maine
Manuel Cortez beat Black Panther DQ
John Kostas beat Mr Rex
Charlie Diamond draw Walter Lipson

5/23/1951 New Haven CT
Don Eagle vs Gene Stanlee

8/3/1951 Pittsfield MA
Don Eagle vs Lone Eagle
Guy LaRose vs Frank James

10/2/1951 Leominster MA
Don Prata beat Tom Steel
Tom Steel draw Frank James
Mr Moto beat Kit Fox

10/19/1951 New Britain CT
George Lenihan & Mike Clancy beat Angelo Savoldi & Les Ruffin
Mike Mazurki beat Tarzan Hewitt
Johnny Bence beat Joe Ludlum