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 Posted: Sat Apr 21st, 2018 08:24 am
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1/2/1952 Holyoke MA
Guy LaRose & George Babich, beat Tiger Tasker & Man Mountain Dean Jr.
Bull Curry vs Chuck Montana
Clyde Steeves draw Mike Rogalski

1/5/1952 Brockton MA
Guy LaRose drew George Babich

1/8/1952 Worcester MA
Tiger Tasker & Rebel Russell beat Guy LaRose & George Babich

1/9/1952 Holyoke MA
Guy LaRose drew Jack Claybourne
Tiger Tasker & Rebel Russell beat Young Samson & Sheik Lawrence

1/16/1952 Hartford CT
Bull Curry & Rebel Russell beat Clyde Steeves & Jack Claybourne
Tiger Tasker draw George Babich
George Linnehan beat Bull Texas

1/21/1952 Portland ME
Guy LaRose beat Sheik Lawrence by DQ

1/23/1952 Holyoke MA
Bull Curry & Rebel Russell beat Guy LaRose & Jack Clayborne

1/24/1952 Hartford CT
Golden Terror & Ray Zavolza vs Bull Curry & Rebel Russell
Primo Carnera vs Maurice Tillet
Guy LaRose vs Jerry Woods

1/26/1952 Brockton MA
 Frank James beat Guy LaRose

1/30/1952 Hartford CT
Gene Stanlee vs Golden Terror
Ike Eakins vs Clyde Steeves
Jim Wallis vs Ray Zavalza

1/30/1952 Holyoke MA
Guy Larose draw Les Ryan 
Manuel Cortez vs Bull Curry