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 Posted: Mon Jul 23rd, 2018 02:10 pm
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1/4/1956 Holyoke MA
Buddy Lee beat Emil Dupre
Frank Shields draw Tiger Tasker
Slave Girl Moolah beat Gloria Allen

1/6/1956 North Attleboro MA
Bull Curry vs Buddy Lee
Slave Girl Moolah vs Gloria Allen
Emil Dupre vs Al Getz

1/7/1956 Revere MA
Black Terror beat Chief Blue Eagle
Red O'Connor vs Lou Khesz
Sonny Boy Cassidy vs Little Frankenstein
Jesse James vs Buzz Orio

1/9/1956 Boston MA
Verne Gagne vs Pat O’Connor
Bull Curry vs Pierre LaSalle
Buddy Lee vs Pat Sullivan
Emil Dupre vs Frank Shields 

1/11/1956 Holyoke MA
Slave Girl Moolah beat Suzy Starr
Buddy Lee beat Pierre LaSalle
Emile Dupre beat Frank Shields 

1/13/1956 North Attleboro MA
Buddy Lee vs Pierre LaSalle
Slave Girl Moolah vs Suzy Starr
Emile Dupre vs Frank Shields
Ronnie Hill vs Dick Marquis

1/14/1956 Revere MA
Betty Burke vs Alma Mills
Rebel Russell & Karl von Eric vs Chief Blue Eagle & Jesse James

1/16/1956 Boston MA
Antonino Rocca beat Emil Dusek
Ernie Dusek beat Pierre LaSalle
Slave Girl Moolah beat Darling Dagmar
Buddy Lee beat Harry Lewis

1/18/1956 Holyoke MA
Argentina Rocca beat Buddy Lee
Emil Dupre beat Harry Lewis
Darling Dagmar beat Susan Starr

1/20/1956 North Attleboro MA
Emile Dupre & Tiger Tasker vs Buddy Lee & Al Getz
Darling Dagmar vs Gloria Allen
Joe Esposito vs Frank Shields

1/21/1956 Revere MA
Betty Burke beat Alma Mills
Leo Carbone vs Ray Walker
Jesse James & Sonny Boy Cassidy vs Buzz Orio & Little Frankenstein

1/23/1956 Boston MA
Antonino Rocca beat Ernie Dusek
Emile Dusek beat Johnny Rougeau
Bull Curry draw Buddy Lee
Bobby Benson beat Harry Lewis

1/25/1956 Holyoke MA
Johnny Rougeau & Emile Dupre beat Tiger Tasker & Al Getz
Joe Esposito beat Pat Sullivan
Ronnie Hill beat Dick Marquis

1/25/1956 Portland ME
Argentina Rocca vs Buddy Lee
Slave Girl Moolah vs Belle LaRue
Rocky Baron vs Harry Lewis

1/27/1956 North Attleboro MA
Argentina Rocca vs Buddy Lee
Johnny Rougeau vs Tiger Tasker
Emile Dupre vs Harry Lewis

1/28/1956 Revere MA
Jesse James and Sonny Boy Cassidy vs Black Terror and Little Frankenstein 
Karl Von Eric vs Ray Walker
Rebel Russell vs Tony Enos

1/30/1956 Boston MA
Pat O'Connor & Antonino Rocca beat Emil & Ernie Dusek
Tarzan Bolo beat Les Ryan
Frank Shields beat Harry Lewis
Emile Dupre draw Buddy Lee