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 Posted: Tue Jul 31st, 2018 07:28 pm
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Jason Presley

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Spatulapup wrote: another thing I noticed about Flair when he arrived in the WWF was that he looked smaller than he did in WCW/NWA
I think that was just because suddenly Flair was around a bunch of much larger guys.

I forget where I was reading this, and it was probably either in JJ's book, Ole's book or Watts' book, (maybe even Jerry Jarrett's book) where they were talking about the relative flop that was Flair vs Hogan on the house show circuit.  They put a lot of the cause for that on Hogan's ego being so much bigger than Flair's.  It was also what made Hogan vs Flair in WCW so lackluster in the following years, that Flair was far too accommodating of whatever Hogan wanted to do, and wasn't making much effort to protect himself in the booking.

They were saying this was also why Flair sort of became a non-entity in WCW in the later years, as he was being wasted by Bischoff & Co., but was just going along with whatever and collecting paycheck.

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