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The WWF fans came to MSG in June 1985 to see a bloody steel cage main event with Hulk Hogan defending his title against the Magnificent Muraco. 

- The Dragon and the Hammer have a stiff battle
- Adrian Adonis busts out a DDT that leaves Gorilla Monsoon and Mean Gene baffled. 
- Bobby Heenan brings the comedy as he tangles with Animal Steele 
- Randy Savage debuts and becomes a top heel within 15 minutes 
- Jim Brunzell debuts and cements himself in midcard hell within 15 minutes. 
- Brian Blair talks about the AWA on a WWF show. 
- A ref ruins the finish of the match for the new monster heel in town 
- The women wrestlers deliver table bumps. She's hardcore! 
- Mean Gene calls the wrestlers out for blown spots
-Lanny Poffo debuts with a heel haircut and works so loose it exposes the business.