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 Posted: Sun Oct 21st, 2018 08:04 pm
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srossi wrote: Boz1515 wrote: srossi wrote: Hogan also made sure that Mike Awesome was involved and cost him those matches. Awesome deserved a better fate than he got in WCW, but it’s not like Hogan really jobbed for Kidman. If he had to go down, he made sure a 6’6”, 280 pounder who was best friends with his nephew was in the middle of it. Ultimately, it did nothing for Awesome though either.
It's not at all realistic for a 5'10" 190 pound guy to cleanly beat a 6'7" 275 pound guy.  It would make sense that he would need help.  It's not realistic when Rey Mysterio beats Nash either.  To me, that is foolish booking.
Vampiro needed Kidman's help to pin Hogan.  That makes sense too.  Weight classes are real.  If it's supposed to look somewhat real, little guys shouldn't be pinning big guys cleanly.  I don't remember Bruno getting pinned cleanly by a bunch of crusierweights, but nobody talks about that.  Because it's Hogan, it's all his fault, at least in the majority of the IWC.

It was pretty realistic when Royce Gracie was beating everyone in real fights. It’s not like Hogan was ever a legit bad-ass who had a prayer against anyone with real fighting skill. But it’s wrestling so none of that matters anyway. If people wanted to watch real fights they wouldn’t be watching wrestling. 

So what? Size and weight are historically a part of the story telling.  It's supposed to add realism to the product.