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 Posted: Thu Oct 25th, 2018 11:52 pm
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Here's what I found so far

5/25/1965 Pittsfield MA
Bruno SanMartino vs Flash Thomas
Gorgeous George Grant vs Lil Abner

6/1/65 Pittsfield MA
Alma Mills & Sylvia Torres vs Lucille Dupree & Pat Sherry
Golden Boy Dupree beat Bruno SanMartino
Hobo Brazil beat The Magnificent Chevier

6/8/65 Pittsfield, MA
Frank Scarpa beat Gorgeous George DQ
Golden Boy beat Magnificent Chevier
Magnificent Chevier drew Bruno SanMartino
Chico Santana beat Little Diamond Eagle

6/15/65 Pittsfield, MA
Gorgeous George vs Little Abner the Kentucky Hillbilly 
Bruno SanMartino vs Flash Thomas

6/22/1965 Pittsfield MA
Frank Scarpa DDQ Jimmy Valentine
Golden Boy Dupree beat Hobo Brazil
Bruno SanMartino beat Magnificent Chevier

6/29/1965 Pittsfield MA
Frank Scarpa vs Jimmy Valentine
Jesse James vs Magnificent Chevier

7/5/1965 Pittsfield MA
Frank Scarpa vs Hans Schmidt
Jesse James vs Bruno SanMartino
Golden Boy Dupree vs Billy Graham
Hobo Brazil vs Pepe Perez

7/12/1965 Pittsfield MA
Bruno SanMartino & Magnificent Chevier beat Jesse James & Big Luke
Jesse James beat Magnificent Chevier
Big Luke beat Bruno SanMartino

7/19/1965 Pittsfield MA
Frank Scarpa beat Hans Schmidt
Golden Boy Dupree beat Flash Thomas

7/26/1965 Pittsfield MA
Pepe Perez won Battle Royal over Jimmy Valentine Bruno SanMartino Jesse James Billy Graham Big Luke

8/2/1965 Pittsfield MA
Golden Boy Dupree beat Bruno SanMartino
Gorgeous George beat Pepe Perez

8/9/1965 Pittsfield MA
Golden Boy Dupree won a 6-man Battle Royal
Billy Graham beat The Magnificent Chevier
Golden Boy Dupree draw Gorgeous George 
Tony Zollo beat Jimmy Valentine DQ

8/16/65 Pittsfield, MA
Jesse James & Peppy Perez beatJimmy Valentine & Bruno SanMartino
Jimmy Valentine draw Jesse James
Peppy Perez draw Bruno SanMartino
Silvia Torres beat Doris Dorsey

8/23/1965 Pittsfield MA
Pepe Perez beat Gorgeous George DQ
The Magnificent Chevier draw Flash Thomas

8/30/1965 Pittsfield MA
Gorgeous George vs Golden Boy Dupree
Bruno SanMartino vs Pepe Perez

9/20/1965 Pittsfield MA
Frank Scarpa beat Bruno Sanmartino
Bull Curry draw Tony Zollo
Golden Boy Dupree draw Magnificent Chevier
Pat Sherry vs Doris Dorsey

9/27/65 Pittsfield MA
8-man Battle Royal
Golden Boy Dupree vs Prince Omar
Cowboy Tom Blatz vs Magnificent Chevier
Bruno SanMartino vs Tony Zollo
Kentucky Hillbilly vs Mr. Mystery

10/13/1965 Pittsfield MA
Frank Scarpa beat Prince Rajah
Kentucky Hillbilly vs The Magnificent Chevier