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12/5/85 Loranger, LA - Loranger Coliseum
Butch Reed vs Buzz Sawyer (Bounty Match)
Mid-South Tag Team Title Match: Eddie Gilbert and The Nightmare (ch) vs Al Perez and Rick Gibson
Sean O'Reilly vs Ricky Starr
Nick Patrick vs Oladipo
Tommy Wright vs Rob Rechsteiner

6/6/85 Loranger, LA - - Loranger Coliseum
Jim Duggan and Brad Armstrong vs Ted DiBiase and Kamala
The Snowman vs Steve Williams
Mark Ragin vs The Nightmare
Wendell Cooley vs Eddie Gilbert
Edcar Thomas vs Tom Prichard

1/11/85 Loranger, LA - Loranger Coliseum
North American Title Match: Brad Armstrong (ch) vs Buddy Landel
Jim Duggan vs Kamala
The Rock n Roll Express vs Steve Williams and Herucles Hernandez
Tim Horner vs Dale Veasey
Terry Daniels vs Jack Victory