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 Posted: Tue Jan 1st, 2019 09:24 am
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The Ultimate Sin wrote: tamalie wrote: Kriss wrote: I've been watching the All Star Wrestling episodes on the network. I'm up to the middle of 78. The wrestling is what it is, although I'm surprised how "fake" some of the offense looks. If Stan Stasiak did his heart punch today, it would be included in Botchamania. Complete air every single time. The main thing that strikes me is the weekly promo segment. The heel managers, Blassie, Grand Wizard, Albano, are very entertaining, if a little nonsensical. But the faces are a cure for insomnia. Backlund, Zbyszko, Garea, Strongbow etc all speak in the same dull monotone and they'll all try their best. Can someone explain how this got over back in the day?
My take on the rather staid babyfaces is this. The heels were supposed to be the crazy and colorful characters. The babyface was meant to mirror the typical legit sport athletes of the era. The big NFL and MLB stars of the era typically were the very same with quiet personas and a personality put over as an All American type that some might now see as dull. The athletes who were more outspoken and colorful typically were resented by some fans and had confrontational relationships with the media although they certainly had fans to an extent a pro wrestling heel looking for heat did not.
And they were good people- in a more simple time fans cheered for the guy who was honest and did what was honorable.  You didn't have to get over as much because your opponent had heat.  Different times.

Dusty's face promos were fantastic, though. Was he ahead of his time in 78? Or was he looking at where the business was going?

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