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 Posted: Tue Jan 1st, 2019 07:20 pm
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I just watched the  4th Von Erich Memorial Parade of Champions.

Pretty lousy card, but it was edited down.  Maybe the other matches would have improved the show.

Brody brawled with Jeep Swenson

Fantastics and Steve Simpson beat the RPMs and Embry in a Scaffold Match-  I hate scaffold matches.  This match took some of their best workers and limited them to being on a scaffold.

Red River Jack (Brody) & Spike Huber beat Abdullah and Eli the Eliminator- bunch of blood and brawling.

Red River Jack got to wrestle Gary Hart as a result of the win.

Steve Doll (a Von Erich ripoff) beat Killer Brooks
Mil Mascaras beat Al Madril- If you've seen one Mascaras match you've seen them all, and 
Al Madril is boring and fuck so...

Champion Kevin Von Erich wrestled Nord The Barbarian to a double count out.  WTF?  Kevin is wrestling in honor of his two dead brothers and they don't put him over?  He was the champion, so it isn't like they didn't want to do a switch.  This was a shocker to  me.  

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