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12/5/86 Tallahassee, FL @ Leon County Civic Center (Updating the 3 missing matches)
12-man battle royal
Lex Luger vs. Kareem Muhammad in a Texas death match
The Sheepherders vs. Ron Simmons & Kendall Windham
Dewey Forte vs. Hacksaw Higgins
Bad News Allen vs Rick Allen and Bob Russell
The Falcon vs Sean Royal
Mark Starr vs Jerry Grey

11/5/86 Cocoa, FL @ Brevard County Fair (updating card with rest of matches)
Lex Luger vs. Ron Bass (steel cage)
Kendall Windham and Ron Simmons vs Sean Royal and Chris Champion
Misty Blue vs Kat LeRoux
The Karate Kid vs Butch Cassidy
Jim Backlund vs Mike Masters

8/22/86 Sebring, FL @ Fireman’s Field Pavilion
Southern Title Match:  Lex Luger (ch) vs Ed Gantner
Florida Title Match: Ron Bass (ch) vs Kendall Windham
United States Tag Team Title Match:  The Fabulous Ones (ch) vs The Ninja and Kendo Nagasaki
plus more..

8/20/86 Wildwood, FL - Wildwood High School (added BR and cage match)
--14 Man Street Fight Battle Royal
Lex Luger and Barry Windham vs Kareem Muhammed and Ed Gantner (steel cage match)
Florida Title Match: Ron Bass (ch) vs Kendall Windham

6/10/86 Tampa, FL @ Spartan Sports Center 
Kendo Nagasaki d. [Southern HC:]  Lex Luger via Forfeit
[Florida HC:] Kendall Windham d. The Ninja
Ron Bass d. Ricky Santana (sub Barry Windham)
Ed Gantner and Kareem Muhammed d. The Fabulous Ones 
Sean Royal d. Jerry Grey
Ricky Santana d. Jim Backlund

5/22/86 Melbourne, FL @ City Auditorium 
Steve Keirn vs Kendo Nagasaki (Lights Out Match)
Barry Windham vs Bob Roop (Taped Fist, Lumberjack Match)
Kendall Windham vs Ron Bass
Sir Oliver Humperdinck vs Tyree Pride (Nassau Pole Match)
--plus 2 more matches

2/20/86 Saint Leo, FL @ Bowman Activities Center
Wahoo McDaniel vs Bob Roop ($10,000 Lumberjack Match)
Southern Title Match:  Lex Luger (ch) vs Jesse Barr
Chavo Guerrero and Hector Guerrero vs The Maurader and Jerry Grey
plus 2 more..

1/23/86 Mt. Dora, FL @ High School 
Blackjack Mulligan vs Kevin Sullivan (Walking Tall Match)
Florida Title Match:  Kendall Windham vs Prince Iaukea
Hector Guerrero vs The Cuban Assassin
--plus 2 more

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