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 Posted: Thu Jan 3rd, 2019 06:56 pm
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Nord The Barbarian idolized Bruiser Brody and since Brody never lost cleanly to anyone, Nord refused to do the job. Brody went along with it and, not for that reason or at least not for that alone, was removed as booker the next day at the Fort Worth taping. Gary Hart replaced him and Brody, to his great relief, gladly gave up the book. Nord and a bunch of other guys on that Texas Stadium card were gone in short order.

The missing matches from the card would not have added much, The Grappler vs. Cousin Junior and Scott Casey and Matt Borne vs. Black Bart and Jack Victory in prelims plus Brian Adias vs. Skip Young in a lumberjack match and a womens mud pit match that never aired on TV. Adias vs. Young didn't air either because Sweet Brown Sugar was a substitute for Mike Von Erich who was found dead about a week and a half before the show.