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Wednesday - January 1 1986 - TV Tapings
Hector Guerrero and Tyree Pride fought Jack Hart and The Red Menace to a Double DQ
Jesse Barr pinned Cocoa Samoa
Southern Champ Lex Luger pinned Del Apollo
Mike Fever beat Maya Singh by DQ
Barry and Kendall Windham beat The Cuban Assassin and Prince Iaukea

It was announced that the US Tag Titles had been declared vacant..

Blackjack Mulligan, Wahoo McDaniel, Kevin Sullivan, Mark Lewin, Luna Vachon appeared on the show as well...

Wednesday - June 4 1986 - TV Tapings
Sean Royal pinned Jerry Grey
The Fabulous Ones vs The Shock Troops had no ending when the real Shock Troops Kareem Muhammad and Ed Ganter attacked the Fabulous Ones..
Ron Bass pinned Jim Backlund
Ricky Santana pinned The Marauder
Kendall Windham pinned Florida Champ The Ninja in a Non title match

Lex Luger, Bob Roop, Oliver Humperdink, Kendo Nagasaki, Barry Windham appeared on the show as well....

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