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 Posted: Mon Jan 7th, 2019 03:39 pm
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I watched the final Impact on POP and the new network announcement was nothing short of a disaster.  The show was recorded 16 years ago so at 3 points in the show they inserted a brief voice-over saying that next week they would be on Pursuit.  That was in.  They didn't provide a website to check for channel availability in your area or anything.  They never explained what "Pursuit" even was.  They didn't have the Twitch deal ironed out yet so there was no mention of a streaming alternative.  If your primary means of watching Impact is on TV and you're not on wrestling websites, you have no idea how to watch the show going forward, and some likely will just give it up when they see that it doesn't record on their DVR as usual.  If I was Impact, I would've been busting the budget to re-do that taped episode and get some real information out there given that this is the entire future of the company we're talking about here and they have to know it's going to get ugly.   

This thread was great before AA ruined it.