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2/9/80 Loranger, LA - Coliseum
Junkyard Dog and Buck Robley vs Terry Gordy and Michael Hayes
North American Title Match: Ted DiBiase (ch) vs Tank Patton
Ricky Fields vs Mike George
Paul Orndorff and Ben Alexander vs Bull Ramos and Mike Blood
Steve Hall vs Mike Bowyer

11/8/80 Loranger, LA - Coliseum
Junkyard Dog vs Paul Ellering
Steven Little Bear vs Stan Lane
Terry Lathan and Tommy Wright vs The Turk and The Mexican Angel
Dick Anderson vs Mike Miller

7/19/80 Loranger, LA - Coliseum
Paul Orndorff vs Ken Mantell
Ted DiBiase vs Killer Khan
Terry Lathan and Mike Miller vs Pat Kelly and Mike Kelly
plus 2 more..

1/1/81 Loranger, LA - Coliseum
Louisiana Title Match: Jake Roberts (ch) vs The Grappler
Junkyard Dog and Paul Orndorff vs Leroy Brown and Paul Ellering
Cocoa Samoa vs The Super Destroyer
Steven Little Bear vs Ron Cheatham
Jim Garvin vs The Turk

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