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 Posted: Tue Jan 22nd, 2019 01:42 pm
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4/5/1962 Boston MA
Sonny Fargo beat Frank Scarpa
Alex Medina & Golden Boy Dupree beat Pat Patterson & Bull Montana
Frank Shields beat Eugenio Perez
Ronnie Hill beat Grady Calhoun
Flash Thomas beat Angelo Rocca
Bambi Ball beat Lucille Dupree

4/7/1962 Bridgeport CT
Shohei Baba beat Arnold Skaaland
Fred Atkins beat Eugenio Marin
Miguel Perez beat Tom Bradley
Pampero Firpo beat Luis Torres 
Shohei Baba beat Duke Livingston
Brute Bernard & Skull Murphy beat Bud Cody & Gregory Jarque

4/12/1962 Boston MA
Frank Scarpa beat Sonny Fargo
Slave Girl Moolah & Bambi Ball beat Lucille Dupree & Carolyn Little
Flash Thomas beat Pat Patterson
Great Kilroy beat Alex Medina
Bull Montana beat Grady Calhoun
Tony Enos draw Angelo Rocca

4/14/1962 Bridgeport CT
Vittorio Apollo vs Tom Bradley
Billy Darnell vs Marquis de Paree
Karl von Hess vs Luis Torres
Miguel Perez vs Duke Livingston
Bobo Brazil vs Miguel Torres
Eugenio Marin vs Red Grupe 

4/19/1962 Boston MA
Jackie Fargo & Sonny Fargo beat Mr Black Magic & Flash Thomas
Gino Perez beat Bull Montana DQ
Pat Patterson beat Grady Calhoun
Golden Boy Dupree beat Angie Rocca
Bouncing Burke & Brown Panther beat Billy the Kid & Pancho Lopez
Great Kilroy beat Bobby Darnell

4/21/1962 Bridgeport CT
Billy Darnell vs Karl Von Hess
Tony Altimore & Lou Albano vs Carlo Milano & Pete Sanchez
Bob Orton & Great Scott vs Gordon Nelson & Bud Cody
Bobo Brazil vs Tom Bradley
Marquis de Paree vs Steve Stanlee
Gregory Jarque vs Ken Ackles 

4/26/1962 Boston MA
Jackie Fargo & Sonny Fargo beat Mr Black Magic & Flash Thomas
Lucille Dupree beat Mary Jane Mull
Pat Patterson Bull Montana & Great Kilroy beat Alex Medina Golden Boy Dupree & Gino Perez
Jesse James beat Boston Bruiser Shields
Ronnie Hill beat Angie Rocca
Grady Calhoun draw Gino Armatangelo

4/27/1962 New Haven CT
Buddy Rogers beat Mark Lewin 

4/28/1962 Bridgeport CT
Red Grupe beat Luis Torres 
Mike Mazurki beat Gregory Jarque
Pete Sanchez beat Gordon Nelson
Billy Darnell beat Duke Livingston
Bobo Brazil beat Marquis de Paree
Tony Altimore beat Luis Torres