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 Posted: Thu Feb 7th, 2019 08:54 pm
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--updating some cards with results..

9/7/79 Shreveport, LA @ Municipal Auditorium
Mr. Wrestling II d. Mike George
Bill Watts d. Angelo Mosca (reverse decision)
Charlie Cook d. Porkchop Cash in a Texas rules match
Junkyard Dog d. Jake Roberts
[Louisiana HC:] Mike Sharpe d. Tank Patton
Hercules Ayala d. Mike Bowyer

10/5/79 Shreveport, LA @ Municipal Auditorium
Mike George d. Mr. Wrestling II DQ
Buck Robley d. Angelo Mosca
Gino Hernandez d. Nick Kozak
Bob Sweetan d. Stan Lane
Tank Patton d. Carlos Rodriguez
Dizzy Golden d. Missing Link

10/19/79 Shreveport, LA @ Municipal Auditorium
Mike George d. Bill Watts DQ
Buck Robley d. Bob Sweetan
Butch Cassidy d. Ivan The Terrible
Hercules Ayala d. Tank Patton
Dizzy Golden d. Carlos Rodrigues (sub Don Garfield)
Mark Totten d. Don Moore

11/9/79 Shreveport, LA - Municipal Auditorium 
Bob Sweetan d. Mr. Wrestling II (Lights Out Match, Sweetan was aided by Ivan Koloff)
Bill Watts & Buck Robley d. Mike George & Bob Sweetan in a Texas tornado match
Mr. Wrestling II d. Ivan Koloff DQ
Angelo Mosca d. Hercules Ayala
The Junkyard Dog vs. Charlie Cook
King Cobra d. Gene Lewis
Jerry Oates d. Tank Patton
Jonathan Boyd d. Igor Putski (sub Eric Embry) 

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