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 Posted: Tue Apr 2nd, 2019 07:57 pm
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7/3/1962 Bridgeport CT
The Fabulous Kangaroos beat Bud Cody & Vic Christy 
Edouard Carpentier beat Shohei Baba DQ
Buddy Rogers beat Eugenio Marin
Johnny Valentine beat Skull Murphy
Bobo Brazil beat Fred Atkins
Hans Schmidt beat Pete Sanchez
Johnny Barend beat Carlos Milano
Red Bastien vs Miguel Torres

7/3/1962 Jamaica Plain MA
Pat Patterson vs Juan Perez

7/6/1962 New Haven CT
Bobo Brazil & Edouard Carpentier vs Kangaroos

7/10/1962 Bridgeport CT
Antonino Rocca & Red Bastien DDQ The Fabulous Kangaroos 
The Fabulous Kangaroos beat Bud Cody & Arnold Skoaland
Red Bastien beat Jose Quinones
Hans Schmidt beat Gregory Jarque
Johnny Barend beat Paul Diamond
Edouard Carpentier beat Angelo Savoldi
Bobo Brazil beat Tony Altimore 
Buddy Rogers beat Vic Christy
Antonino Rocca beat Lou Albano 

7/11/1962 Holyoke MA
Jesse James vs Pat Patterson
Baby Doll Cheryl vs Dolly Darcel
Flash Thomas vs Angelo Rocca

7/11/1962 New Bedford MA
Flash Thomas beat Young Carnera DQ

7/17/1962 Bridgeport CT
Angelo Savoldi draw Carlo Milano 
Bud Cody beat Miguel Torres 
Jolly Cholly beat Angelo Savoldi
Paul Diamond beat Tony Martinelli
Arnold Skoaland beat Joe Quinones
Tony Altimore & Lou Albano beat Pete Sanchez & Paul Reinhardt

7/18/1962 Holyoke MA
Kitty Adams beat Lucille Dupree DQ
Jesse James beat Fat Daddy Garrette
Golden Boy Dupree beat Flash Thomas

7/18/1962 Norwalk, CT
Johnny Barend beat Red Bastien
Shohei Baba draw Hans Schmidt 
Karl von Hess vs Tony Altimore
Fred Atkins vs Legs Langevin

7/20/1962 New Haven CT
Red Bastien & Enrique Torres beat Hans Schmidt & Shohei Baba 

7/24/1962 Bridgeport CT
Johnny Valentine beat Swede Hanson 
Arnold Skaaland beat Vic Christy
Jolly Cholly beat Lou Albano
Antonino Rocca beat Joe Quinones
Enrique Torres beat Joe Savoldi 
Red Bastien beat Paul Diamond 
Johnny Valentine beat Tony Altimore

7/25/1962 Holyoke MA
Boston Bruiser beat Chief White Eagle
Kitty Adams beat Mary Jane Mull
Angelo Rocca beat Eugenio Perez

7/31/1962 Bridgeport CT
The Fabulous Kangaroos DDQ Bobo Brazil & Johnny Valentine
The Scufflin' Hillbillies(Chuck Conley & Rip Collins) beat Miguel Torres & Joe Quinones
Shohei Baba beat Paul Diamond
Tony Manousos beat Tony Altimore
Johnny Barend beat Gregory Jarque
Bobo Brazil beat Lou Albano 
The Fabulous Kangaroos draw Red Bastien & Enrique Torres