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 Posted: Tue Apr 9th, 2019 04:22 am
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Heenan Fan wrote: WongLee wrote: Superstar wrote:

Other than the times when he gets the shit kicked out of him by guys twice his size, I think *everything* Bryan Danielson is believable.  His offense looks real and his selling is upper level.  He's great on the mic and in every PPV he takes shots that leave welts, bruises, scratches, and scrapes on his clear skin complexion.  And while I am very happy that Kofi broke through the glass ceiling the way I thought he was going to when he feuded with Orton over the IC title an unbelievable TEN YEARS AGO, when I saw him mid-ring I said to myself "damn, he's scrawny".
Ok James Earl Ray, so the POC is the "scrawny" one while your precious white man, who is exactly the same size, cuts a strong and powerful presence. I assume your ideal way of taking the title off Kofi would be five guys in white hoods give him a beat down mid-ring, and then Kenny Omega pops the crowd huge by coming into the ring dressed as his new character Office WHITE, and then shoots Kofi in the back while he has his hands up.

You disgust me.
Daniel Bryan is much heavier than Kofi, and twice the worker. Why would you make this about race? Has nothing to do with that.
Listen George Wallace, Bryan is much heavier because as a white man he makes much more money than Kofi so he can afford proper nutrition. He is twice the worker because Kofi has had only half the opportunities. I find it disturbing that you are denying the Holocaust in your last post.

by the blood of jesus i rebuke you ,you foul mouth lying satan jesusjesus hallelujah,halleujah be gone you evil spirit