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 Posted: Wed May 1st, 2019 03:42 am
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For some reason I’m having a hard time quoting srossi’s post on my phone but I agree completely which is why I find it so weird that their is this perceived ground swell that thinks some type of a socialist government is awesome.

I saw a YouTube video recently with some guy asking college kids if they would support a socialist grading system where their excess GPA would go to under performers and the kids thought that was unfair because they worked for A’s so why should someone else benefit from their hard work.

I’m not a hard ass; I think the government and we as people should help others less fortunate but I think a 90% tax on the rich is crazy. I also don’t think those unwilling to work should be paid a basic income. Everyone capable to work should work even if it’s something minimal like litter removal or general city cleaning to receive government benefits. I think their is a middle ground on all of this that could benefit everyone but until something reasonable is figured out I’m in favor of less government involvement.

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