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6/14/57 Houston
Red Bastien vs El Medico
Pepper Gomez vs Tokyo Joe
Bull Curry vs Jim Hady
Luigi Macera vs Fritz Von Ulm
Billy Wicks vs Al Mills

6/28/57 Houston, TX @ City Auditorium
El Medico vs Don Leo Jonathan
Johnny Valentine vs Pepper Gomez
Ray Gunkel vs Gory Guerrero
Duke Keomuka vs Red Bastien
Tiger Conway vs Tiny Mills
Jim Hady vs Fritz Von Ulm

7/5/57 Houston
Don Leo Jonathan beat Ray Gunkel (1-0, cnc)
Pepper Gomez & El Medico beat Johnny Valentine & Fritz Von Ulm dq
Wild Bull Curry beat Chet Wallick
Red Bastien drew Duke Keomuka
Luigi Macera beat Danny Savich dq

7/12/57 Houston City Auditorium
Johnny Valentine beat El Medico 2/3
Pepper Gomez beat Fritz Von Ulm
Duke Keomuka drew Tiger Conway
Nick Bockwinkel beat Joe Blanchard
(Medico had his foot on the ropes during pin)

7/16/57 Dallas, TX @ Sportatorium
Danny Savich beat Bull Curry 2/3
Duke Keomuka beat Johnny Valentine (during the match, Savich interfered and intended to hit Duke, when he smashed Valentine, leading to the final pin)
Nicky Bockwinkel beat Fritz Von Ulm dq
Luigi Macera drew Chet Wallick
El Medico beat Red Bastien
Tito Infante beat Tiny Roe

7/19/57 Houston
NWA Champion Lou Thesz beat Don Leo Jonathan 2/3
Pepper Gomez & El Medico beat Wild Bull Curry & Danny Savich
Johnny Valentine beat Paul Boesch
Tiger Conway beat Fritz Von Ulm dq
Tito Infante beat Tom Thumb
att. 9,200

7/23/57 Dallas, TX @ Sportatorium
Danny Savich beat Duke Keomuka 2/3
Don Leo Jonathan beat El Medico 1-0 (Medico was unable to return after being leveled with a Mormon Sickle and was carried from the ring)
Johnny Valentine beat Chet Wallick
Luigi Macera drew Fritz Von Ulm
Juan Garcia beat Billy Wicks
Nicky Bockwinkel beat Jim Hady

8/6/57 Dallas, TX @ Sportatorium
NWA Champion Lou Thesz beat Don Leo Jonathan on a 3rd fall dq
Johnny Valentine beat Nicky Bockwinkel
Danny Savich beat Juan Garcia
Ike Eakins beat Chet Wallick
Gory Guerrero drew Fritz Von Ulm
near capacity crowd, gate:  $5,000+

8/7/57 Corpus Christi, TX @ Town Hall Arena
NWA Champion Lou Thesz beat Pepper Gomez
Nick Bockwinkel vs Duke Keomuka
Juan Garcia vs Fritz Von Ulm
Jim Hady vs Danny Savich

8/9/57 Houston
NWA Champion Lou Thesz beat El Medico
Johnny Valentine drew Luther Lindsey
Pepper Gomez drew Don Leo Jonathan
El Santo beat Fritz Von Ulm after dive from top rope
Ray Gunkel beat Ike Eakins
Duke Keomuka beat Nick Bockwinkel
(It was Santos's debut--note blacks wrestling whites on these cards in Houston)

8/13/57 Dallas, TX @ Sportatorium
Don Leo Jonathan beat Johnny Valentine (no falls) (physician refused to allow Valentine to continue the match due to cuts) (Valentine needed stitches)
Luther Lindsey beat Danny Savich 2-0, second fall by dq
El Santo (Dallas debut) beat Fritz Von Ulm
Ike Eakins beat Nicky Bockwinkel
Juan Garcia drew Juan Humberto
Gory Guerrero beat Con Bruno

8/23/57 Houston, TX @ City Auditorium
Luther Lindsey beat Johnny Valentine on a 3rd fall dq
El Medico & Pepper Gomez beat Don Leo Jonathan & Ike Eakins Texas Tag Title defense
El Santo beat Chet Wallick with tope
Mighty Atlas beat Fritz Von Ulm
Rip Rogers drew Danny Savich

8/27/57 Dallas, TX @ Sportatorium
Luther Lindsey beat Don Leo Jonathan (sub Johnny Valentine, who was injured) on a 3rd fall dq for “unnecessary roughness”)  
Pepper Gomez drew Rip Rogers
Ike Eakins beat Cheeto Gonzales
Doll Page beat Gypsy Rose
Ivan the Terrible beat Juan Garcia
El Santo beat Juan Humberto

8/30/57 Houston
Ivan the Terrible (Pampero Firpo) beat Don Leo Jonathan to win Texas Heavyweight title
Duke Keomuka beat El Santo
Dolly Paige beat Gypsy Rose
El Medico drew Rip Rogers
Pepper Gomez beat Con Bruno
Luigi Macera drew Mighty Atlas

9/3/57 Dallas, TX @ Sportatorium
Non title match
Texas Champion Ivan the Terrible beat Ike Eakins 2-0
Pepper Gomez drew Rip Rogers 60:00
Rip Rogers won a 10-man Russian Roulette Wrestle Royal, last eliminating Eakins and Gomez
Juan Garcia drew Gory Guerrero
El Medico beat Chet Wallick
El Santo beat Fritz Von Ulm
Note:  Ivan the Terrible was billed as the “newly crowned” Texas State Heavyweight Champion.

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