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 Posted: Sun Jun 23rd, 2019 10:39 am
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11/6/1970 Springfield MA
Tomas Marin beat Carlos Paredes
Miguel Feliciano beat Joe Turco
Manuel Soto beat Vincente Pometti
Ivan Koloff beat Tony Marino
Sky Low Low beat Sonny Boy Hayes
Gorilla Monsoon & Victor Rivera beat the Mongols DQ

11/7/70 Boston MA
Manuel Soto beat Joe Turco
Jamaica Kid & Sonny Boy Haynes beat Little Brutus & Sky Low Low
Tony Marino beat Black Demon
Victor Rivera beat Crusher Verdu
Ivan Koloff beat Gorilla Monsoon
John L Sullivan beat Vincente Pometti
Bruno Sammartino & Chief Jay Strongbow beat The Mongols DQ

11/9/70 Bangor ME
Ivan Koloff draw Jay Strongbow
Jamaica Kid & Sonny Boy Hayes beat Sky Low Low & Little Brutus
Crusher Verdu DDQ Tony Marino
Gorilla Monsoon beat Bull Pometti
Black Demon beat Lucho Zuelo

11/11/70 Lowell MA
Jay Strongbow beat Ivan Koloff DQ
Sonny Boy Hayes & Jamaica Kid beat Little Brutus & Sky Low Low
Gorilla Monsoon beat Black Demon
Crusher Verdu vs Tony Marino

11/14/70 Pittsfield MA
Dick Brower beat Tony Marino COR
Sonny Boy Hayes beat Sky Low Low
Sonny Boy Hayes beat Little Brutus
Pete Sanchez beat Chuck Richards
Carlos Parades vs Tomas Marin
Lucho Zuello beat Angelo Savoldi DQ

11/21/1970 Springfield MA
Joe Turco beat Dean Ross
Pete Sanchez vs Johnny Rodz
Toni Rose & Donna Christanello vs Mary Collins & Juanita Lopez
Tony Marino beat Vincente Pometti
Victor Rivera beat Ivan Koloff DQ

11/23/70 Bangor ME
Jay Strongbow beat Black Demon
Toni Rose & Donna Christanello beat Lily Green & Wanda Hall
Pete Sanchez draw Mike Conrad
John L Sullivan beat Joe Turco DQ
Manuel Soto beat Crusher Verdu

11/25/70 Lowell MA
Manuel Soto vs Johnny Rodz
Pete Sanchez vs Mike Conrad
John L Sullivan vs Joe Turco
Donna Christanello & Toni Rose vs Wanda Hall & Lili Green
Chief Jay Strongbow vs Crusher Verdu

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