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10/28/71 – Municipal Auditorium – Burlington, VT
Johnny War Eagle & Billy Two Rivers def World Tag Team Champions The Vachon Brothers two falls to one in a non-title match:
*War Eagle/Two Rivers won the first fall
*Vachons won the second fall
*War Eagle/Two Rivers won the third fall
Giant Jean Ferre def Cowboy Kuirk (5:00) (Andre the Giant's U.S. debut)
Cowboy Lewis def Joe Dusek by disqualification (17:00)
Edouard Carpentier & Yvon Robert Jr. def Gilles Poisson & Blackjack Mulligan (13:00)
Destroyer #1 def Steve Rickard (11:00)
Duke Noble def Reggie Parks (12:00)
Attendance: 2,100

10/30/71 – Boys Club – Pittsfield, MA
Chief Jay Strongbow vs Stan Stasiak went to a draw
Victor Rivera vs Jimmy Valiant
Karl Gotch vs Manuel Soto
Rene Goulet vs Mike Monroe
Mike Pappas vs Beautiful Bobby
Promoter: Abe Ford
Attendance: 500

11/11/71 – Municipal Auditorium – Burlington, VT
Johnny War Eagle & Billy Two Eagles vs Gilles Poisson & Maxime Zarinoff (2/3 falls)
Giant Jean Ferre vs Man Mountain
Vivianne Vachon & Yvonne Eric vs Jean Antone & June Byers
Steve Rickard vs Denis Gauthier

11/30/71 – High School – Burlington, VT
Jos LeDuc vs Abdullah the Butcher (2/3 falls)
Jacques Rougeau vs Mike DuBois
Celine Fontaine vs Cuddles Anderson
Carlos Rocha vs Brute Martin
Paul LeDuc vs Don Serrano
Promoter: Ray Borden

12/9/71 – Municipal Auditorium – Burlington, VT
Maurice & Paul Vachon vs Johnny War Eagle & Billy Two Rivers
Don Leo Jonathan vs Edouard Carpentier
Jean Ferre vs Blackjack Mulligan
Nick DeCarlo vs Gillies Poisson