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 Posted: Mon Jun 24th, 2019 07:14 pm
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I think it depends on which guy used it.  Some supposedly "loaded" it to the heel, others to the toe.  Either way, by stomping on the mat, this is supposed to slide a metal object where you want it.  I imagine there was a vaguely defined "hidden compartment" in the boat. 

The Grappler was one of the masters of the loaded boat, back in the early '80s.  IIRC correctly, he loaded it to the heel and did more of a stomp than a kick most of the time.  I don't believe he originated the concept though.  Who was the first?

The loaded boat is different that the hooked boot that all the Middle Eastern wrestlers wore, which was just absurd because it was a clear foreign object with no subterfuge, but because it was "part of the ring gear" it was allowed.  Made no sense.

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