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 Posted: Fri Jun 28th, 2019 09:57 am
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4/17/1971 Boston MA
Jimmy Valiant beat Great Zolo
Woody Farmer beat Mike Conrad
Manuel Soto beat Jack Evans
Joey Russell & the Haiti Kid beat Little Brutus & Frenchy Lamont
Beautiful Bobby beat Miguel Feliciano
Arnold Skaaland beat Mike Conrad
Tony Marino beat Bull Pometti
Blackjack Mulligan beat Chief Jay Strongbow
Pedro Morales beat Bulldog Brower

4/17/1971 Springfield MA
Pedro Morales vs The Wolfman
Beautiful Bobby vs Jose Rivera
Chief Jay Strongbow vs Bull Pometti
Tony Marino vs Johnny Rodz
Manuel Soto vs Mike Conrad

4/19/1971 Augusta ME
Beautiful Bobby beat Arnold Skaaland
Jimmy Valiant & Gorilla Monsoon beat Juan Caruso & Bull Pometti
Bulldog Brower beat Tony Marino
Chief Jay Strongbow beat Manny Soto
Pedro Morales beat Blackjack Mulligan

4/21/1971 Lowell MA
Pedro Morales vs The Wolfman
Blackjack Mulligan & Bulldog Brower vs Jay Strongbow & Manuel Soto
Beautiful Bobby vs Woody Farmer
Gorilla Monsoon vs Juan Caruso
Tony Marino vs Bull Pometti

4/23/1971 New London CT
Joe Esposito beat Johnny Rodz
Tony Marino beat Dean Ross
Chief Jay Strongbow beat Juan Caruso
Sky Low Low & Frenchy Lamont beat Little Joey & Sonny Boy Hayes
Pedro Morales beat Beautiful Bobby

4/29/1971 Salem MA
Jimmy Valiant beat Vincenti Pometti
Manuel Soto beat Johnny Rodz
The Great Zollo beat Dean Ross
Donna Christanello & Toni Rose beat Vickie Williams & Marie Welsh
Chief Jay Strongbow beat Juan Caruso

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