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 Posted: Sun Jun 30th, 2019 08:58 pm
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I thought I would start a thread to discuss all things AEW going forward.

So last night in Daytona Beach was the AEW 'Fyter Fest' card which was streamed live, for free on the 'B/R Live' site.

In the Evolve anniversary show thread I mentioned that I didn't think this show looked good on paper as there were too many multi-person, clusterfu**k matches for my liking and didn't understand some of the booking of the matches. I also wrote that I really want the company to succeed, but I do see myself agreeing with Jim Cornette in a lot of the criticisms he has had so far with their events.
So I watched it. I had no problem with any of the actual in ring action, besides that Nakazawa match. That was terrible. The skits were shitty, especially "the librarians". I thought they wanted to separate themselves from WWE and offer a more sports-like product as opposed to sports entertainment. Their "skits" were actually worse than WWE's.
Anyway, I thought the matches were fine, I just thought some of the psychology wass way off as for some of the reasons the matches were taking place. Why would Moxley and Janela have such a brutal match? They had no history as far as I know, besides them both being past deathmatch guys? That match would have been perfectly fine to me if it was a blowoff to a long feud between the two. Yeah, yeah, I get that Moxley wants to be seen as just one "wild and crazy guy", but the level of violence in the match made no sense to me. I did love the old school "lights out" stipulation though. It just didn't fit the scenario, with it being the first match between the two. Omega coming out afterwards and getting some revenge for "Double Or Nothing" I thought was really well executed and a nice way to end the show.

Damn Cody took quite the chairshot. I thought the announcers could have done a better job in explaining who Spears was though and his past connection to Cody. As far as the match with Darby Allin, I thought it was great, but again, why was this match happening? Cody is one of the top guys in the company and Allin (a virtual unknown to me, and I am sure to any casual viewers last night) was debuting....Why did this guy get a debut match in one of the semi main events against Cody? Again to me the psychology was off on this. I loved the story they told in the ring though, but man Allin is really, really small. Very noticeable compared to Cody, who isn't the biggest guy himself.

Anyway, I gotta go out, but again, I loved the in ring action, I just thought the skits were bad and the psychology in why some of the matches happened wasn't there. I haven't really read any reviews yet, but I would think the show got mostly positive reviews. Not a great show imo, but very good.