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 Posted: Mon Jul 1st, 2019 02:41 pm
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Most people need to stop analyzing things and just allow them to get their business up and running. Their roster is very, very thin at this point outside of the Elite and Moxley. By the time they are on TV, or pretty close after, they'll also have Gallows and Anderson (you'd pretty much think that's a given). What that helps them with is having a natural tag team opponent for the Bucks, and also another good match near the top of the card. But the reality is on July 1, they aren't much more than an indy company right now. The shows that they are putting on have talent, but of course there's no real storyline to follow or reason why people would do what they are doing. Until there is either a TV show on the air, or they use the two prior cards to further a storyline, these matches are just that...matches.

Reading the above post saying "massive step backwards", well, of course it is. There's a real difference between a PPV that they charge $50 for, and a free show on Bleacher Report that is basically just a charity driven house show. For fans to say "massive step backwards" and have it have some sort of real meaning to it, they'd also have to compare Wrestlemania to the next house show in Altoona PA at the Joffa Mosque. You just can't do that.

Carpetbeggar mentions their awful "skits". Well, I am of the belief that most of the backstage crap is just that, CRAP. If they are doing old school style interviews where their 'Mean Gene' character is interviewing the talent about that night's program and their opponent, I'm all in. Everything else is total horseshit. BUT...with such a thin roster on a free show, you have to expect that they are going to do something to stretch for time so that they don't totally give away the future on a free show. That's why there were so many tags, gimmicks, etc. and no "Kenny vs Cody" type deals (and for that matter, no Jericho).

I still say we won't know if this promotion has any teeth until we give them a full year to show us. There are going to be growing pains with the wrestling and the production, but as long as there isn't a major fuckup with ticket sales and distribution, I still say they will be ok.

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