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 Posted: Mon Jul 1st, 2019 02:12 pm
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We already have an AEW thread "It's official". Maybe we can combine these two with this topic title.

I haven't had time to read the comments, but my general thoughts are that it was a fairly average show with some good wrestling, some horrible attempts at comedy, and a lot of hardcore stuff that's been missing from the mainstream for 20 years. Whether the latter is good or not I don't know. I'm kinda over it. The younger generation who never saw it might like it. Or they may be horrified because it's a different era now. The latter might be what happened as I got the sense that a lot of people were uncomfortable with some of the barbed wire and thumbtack spots in the Ambrose-Janela match. And the unprotected chair shot that split Cody's skull like a melon generated universal condemnation and made Tony Khan look bad.

I think this show was supposed to be a holding pattern show and nothing special, and people expected more from it. But then they also took a step back with some unnecessary controversy and bad comedy.

Also, I assume this will be handled better with weekly TV, but they HAVE to start introducing guys better. Who the fuck is Darby Allen and why should anyone care? Cody is small and Cody looked like Andre the Giant next to this guy, but they put him over like a huge psycho-killer threat. The announcers did an OK job with that, but we need packages and something more. Maybe this is all done on their YouTube shows but I'm a hardcore fan and don't watch that, and how many others do? Some of the stuff they do is WAY too niche, even for me.

Also, the announcers gelled a bit better this time, but production-wise they're still really behind the curve of even Impact.  Way too many awkward pauses and not knowing where to throw it.  They even botched telling fans how to watch the free show on the kick-off.  They need to get this down, period, no excuses. 

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This thread was great before AA ruined it.