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 Posted: Mon Jul 1st, 2019 04:41 pm
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I've watched Being the Elite for the past few weeks, and I watched FyterFest. The comedy is very, very inside. Likr they are making the jokes just for themselves inside. The whole Fyre Fest deal I did not get until I read someone explaining it. They based a show-long running gag on a Netflix documentary. I've read an explanation for the librarian gimmick, and I still don't get it.

I guess FyterFest is a wrestling show held at a video game convention? They really didn't explain very well. Having the mark promoter of the convention live on TV in a wrestling match is just bush league, and completely exposes the business.

Having said that, there were some cracking matches on the main show. I have no problem with a large number of tag matches. I just want to watch good matches. The six-way match with The Elite vs the Mexicans was outstanding. The chair shot... Meltzer says he was told that the chair was gimmicked, but Dillinger fucked up and beaned him with the leg of the chair instead of the seat. I don't want to see that kind of shit though, gimmicked chair or not, it just reminds me of dead ECW wrestlers.

The main event was nuts. I guess Moxley is just legit crazy and needed to get a CZW-style match out of his system, but the market for that bloody style is pretty niche. If this was the blow-off to a feud, I'd maybe buy it, but there was no reason presented for these guys wanting to fight like this. Blood in glorious HD on a large flatscreen TV is a world away from watching wrestling from a VHS tape on my tiny TV back in the day. Dripping blood in HD isn't for me.

If they had trimmed this show of all the bullshit and just put it out as a 2 hour show of great matches, it would have been great. I really hope AEW succeeds, but someone needs to keep the humor in check, because it's right at the level of WWE humor.

Hopefully one consequence of AEW is that WWE with it's new regimes will allow their guys to go all out in their matches now. In their primes, Bischoff and Heyman both let guys go out and have the best matches they could, wherever they were on the card.

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