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 Posted: Mon Jul 1st, 2019 05:28 pm
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Married Jo wrote: Everything I've seen it's getting hit pretty hard...said some of the wrestling was good but overall it was a massive step backwards...

Btw, can we discuss what a punk ass Omega is? For the last week AEW guys have been taking digs all over twitter at the WWE, basically it's been open game on WWE since the last AEW PPV, a PPV that had Cody beating up HHH's throne, them constantly taking shots at them. So WWE puts the Evolve show on their Network the same night AEW has a show on July 13th and Omega tweets how horrid it is the WWE would DARE program against their little charity gig..I mean, come on dude, you guys wanted a battle, you can't get butthurt when they fire a shot back at you..

He's tweeting that WWE is basically stealing money from a charity but all I read was they're donating the live gate to the charity so another show on the WWE network at the same time isn't costing them dick in dollars..

Yeah, I wrote this in the EVOLVE thread a few days ago:

Kenny Omega threw a hissy fit on Twitter (since deleted) about WWE having blood on their hands for going to Saudi Arabia and now they are trying to ruin AEW's "charity show". My feelings on Saudi Arabia are very clear, but Omega needs to understand that it's competition time now and he's drawn the ire of the most powerful force in wrestling. It's time to step up and not bitch on Twitter about counter-programming, a measure taken by WWE since about 1985 or so. Come on, don't be fucking na├»ve.  Omega is the top star in the company posing the most serious threat to WWE in 20 years, so if he can't take the pressure behind the scenes he's going to have a really tough time over the next few years.

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This thread was great before AA ruined it.