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 Posted: Mon Jul 1st, 2019 05:36 pm
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For those who have asked why gaming personality Golden Boy worked as an announcer at AEW Fyterfest, it was the same reason the Michael Nakazawa vs. Alex JeBailey bout aired - it was part of the partnership to hold the event in conjunction with the CEO x Gaming convention.  Kenny Omega was the point person for that relationship, as he was last year when the event was promoted in conjunction at the time with New Japan Pro Wrestling. 

There's been a lot of attention to the chairshot that Cody took on the show.  Obviously, no one involved wanted him to get busted open.  It appears that when he turned, the top of the chair caught him accidentally. In the context of the storyline, it made Shawn Spears a villain, but with the way today's audience looks at things, the heat isn't on the heel but on the promotion for allowing it to happen.  They could have had the exact same moment with Cody getting his hands up for the same dramatic effect, so to me, it's just not worth it to do the unprotected shots.  I get the impression that the promotion certainly took note of the negative response and I don't think we'll ever see them regularly, but I do want to point out there's a big hypocrisy in fans being so negative to the chairshot while also praising all the bumps through barbed wire, off ladders and onto thumbtacks on the same show.  You can't bemoan someone taking crazy physical punishment and then cheer someone else on for doing the same thing.  It's all physically detrimental to those involved.

Kip Sabian vs. Hangman Page has been officially added to the 7/13 Fight for the Fallen event in Jacksonville, Florida.

Brandi Rhodes noted on social media that Cody had 12 staples in his head the first time he asked her out and now here they are years later, married, and he's back with 12 staples in his head.  That's romance, I, uh, guess?

Tony Khan noted during a post media scrum that the hardcore style matches that aired on Fyterfest would be seen on AEW PPV but would not be on the weekly AEW TV series when it debuts this October.  He also shot down the idea of doing intergender wrestling in the promotion as he's not a fan of it.

Alex Marvez was backstage at Fyterfest and filmed material for future AEW use.

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