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 Posted: Sat Aug 3rd, 2019 02:18 am
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DJP wrote: BuddyPSHayes wrote: "Roller Games" was with the T-Birds and Ms. Georgia Haas, right?

There's a Roller Derby league in Houston. A friend of a friend is on one of the teams, she swears it's a shoot. Sure.

I think so. I recall the TBirds on Roller Games along with Wally George hosting the halftime show with a musical act. First time. I everI heard Bust A Move by Young MC.
If I remember correctly, I think that ESPN aired roller derby weekly either before or after AWA wrestling. This series featured a main storyline where Ms. Georgia Haas somehow got the contract of Randi Whitman from the LA T-Birds and forced her to skate for her team against her will. By the end of the season, somehow Whitman was reunited with her T-Birds team and the team won the championship.
I believe that RollerGames evolved a couple of years later that was syndicated and featured many of the same teams/players. However, the teams no longer had cities associated with them. For example, the Los Angeles Thunderbirds were now referred to as just the T-Birds. Again, Ms Georgia Haas was the featured villain and the storylines featured Ms. Haas capturing the contracts of "The T-Bird Twins" and the forced retirement/hall of fame induction of Ralphie Valedaris.
I enjoyed the ESPN version much better than the syndicated RollerGames version. While both shows were obviously "sports entertainment", the RollerGames version seemed too hokey and cartoonish to me (much like 80s WWF wrestling).